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Chat [AJAX] 1.0.0 beta3

Нет прав для скачивания

If you installed this mod and/or you want get support, please "Mark as Installed".

Not much to explain, everybody knows what is chat.
I have the honor to present the first ajax chat that built for vB5


How to install:

Download the attachment
Upload the content of 'upload_to_root' directory to your root
Make sure that Plugin/Hook System is enabled, it is disabled by default.
Reload your site (twice) - this mod uses the Auto-Install feature.

Auto-Install it's a feature that allows vB5 install addons automatically after all files uploaded.
There is no need to upload xml manually anymore.



[13/08/12] 1.0 BETA 1

First release

[15/09/12] 1.0 BETA 2

Compatibility with vBulletin 5.0.0 BETA 10
Hard-coded right/left in css replaced with stylevars
Auto-Install now works
Additional style for chat messages - one line style
Option to clear the chat box
Previously messages were pushed to bottom - now you can choose if push them to top instead
Previously each new message has to render vb template to be displayed - NO LONGER
Chat message template now works by jquery template - easy to customize + saves resources
All javascript rewritten to use real json instead html results
Tooltip alert how many characters you have left to write (only when you close to limit)
Options added
Style (1 line message / 2 lines message)
Refresh time in seconds
How many messages show for preview
Push order (Ascending / Descending)
Max Message Length


First release in vB.org

[24/09/12] BETA 3

Package name renamed to be lowercase - the previous name cause to problem with the auto-install for some users
Loading issue fixed
Missing messages after you post new message issue fixed


Goals for future version:

Convert chat to module
= Full page chat
= Set the chat only in specific pages
= Place the chat wherever you want in the page
Add time waiting option between posting for prevent flood
Option to off the chat
Stop ajax pulling when user inactive
Add new options
Edit chat messages
Delete chat messages
Who can see the chat
Who can post in the chat
Who can edit messages
Who can delete messages
Banned users / usergroups
All chat messages
Specific user's messages
Count of all chat messages
Stats of each user chat messages / activity in chat

settings.jpg 1_line_style.jpg typing_limit.jpg 2_lines_style.jpg
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